This course is for you if…

       You who want to move your cosmetic brand from kitchen/room level to a small-scale factory level
  •   You are already formulating your products, but are not sure of the business angle or confident to handle it
  •   You want to start a small but viable cosmetic business but are not sure how to go about it
  •   You are currently in the cosmetic business, but are not sure you are on the right track
  •   You want to scale, but are not sure about your market-penetration strategy
  •   You want to cut your journey to success in the cosmetic industry short by 90%
  •   You already have a cosmetic business, but need to be seen as more credible
  •   You are currently in the cosmetic business, but are not sure how to get approved or registered by NAFDAC
  •   You want to start exporting your cosmetic products
  • You are currently in the cosmetic business, but don’t know how to properly position or brand your business

Why you should take this Course

If you have heard or read about my story, you will know that I started this business with just N3,000.00, and I currently have millions of naira in turnover, but it took years for me to get there. You are probably like what I used to be, slaving away in private place formulating away, but not knowing how to turn your beautiful formulations to make money for you.

Let me tell you, if great formulations translated to success, every cosmetic chemist out there would be a millionaire in dollars by now, since they can come up with a new cosmetic formulation with the flick of a finger. Cosmetic giants like L’Oreal give out there formulations to the public all the time, yet it hasn’t made their competitors as successful as them.

This goes to show that “Beyond formulation”, there are other factors that determine the success of a cosmetic brand, and that is what this course is going to reveal to you It is time for you to stop slaving in your small space, formulating. It is time for you to go beyond formulation, and convert your hard work to success, without having to take the long, hard, and winding road. Go beyond formulation today, and cut your long journey to success short by enrolling for “Beyond Formulation”


Module 1

The Production of Cosmetics
  • Sourcing for raw and packaging materials for business
  • How to choose the appropriate raw and packaging materials for your products
  • Importation versus sourcing locally – pros and cons
  • Branding your finished product (for the marketplace)
  • Contract Manufacturing as an option to grow your cosmetic brand
  • etc.

Module 2

The Pricing of Cosmetics
  • Factors Determining Effective Pricing
  • Practical Workthrough on costing cosmetics
  • Ten steps to Effective Product Costing
  • Responsive Cosmetic Pricing templates
  • etc.

Module 3

The Trade of Cosmetics
  • How to pick the right market penetration strategy for your cosmetic brand
  • Other avenues to penetrate the market, without having to go to supermarket
  • Scaling from zero to hero, on a low budget
  • How to Export your products, and become a global Cosmetic brand
  • etc.

Module 4

The Regulation of Cosmetics (in Nigeria)
  • Different ways to get a NAFDAC number
  • How to set up your factory to meet NAFDAC standards
  • Types and categories of NAFDAC approvals
  • The million requirements of NAFDAC, and how to easily meet all of them
  • etc.


Bonus Module
  • Credible NAFDAC Approval consultants contact
  • Contacts for credible raw materials in Nigeria
  • Contacts for packaging materials companies in Nigeria
  • Note: This is only available to those who sign up for the full course


Price Valued At Early Bird (Sep 21 - Sep 27) Regular Bird (Sep 28 - Oct 4) Late Bird (Oct 5 - Oct 11)
Entire course $2000 (N780000) $350 (N136500) $400 (N156000) $450 (N175000)
Module 1 only $500 (N195000) $150 (58500) $200 (78000) $250 (97500)
Module 2 only $500 (N195000) $150 (58500) $200 (78000) $250 (97500)
Module 3 only $500 (N195000) $150 (58500) $200 (78000) $250 (97500)
Module 4 only $500 (N195000) $150 (58500) $200 (78000) $250 (97500)


Q. Will this course cover formulation of cosmetics?
A. No. this course will cover everything except formulation of cosmetics. It covers what happens after you have formulated the cosmetics
Q. I am not a Nigerian. Is this course for me?
A. Everything taught in Module 1 and Module 2 is applicable to everyone all over the world. Module 3 covers regulation of cosmetics in the Nigerian market. This is more suitable for people who make cosmetics in Nigeria, or looking to export to Nigeria, which you should seriously be thinking of, if you are a cosmetic brand outside Nigeria, as Nigeria has the largest black population all over the world
Q. Must I pay for the entire course, or I can select some modules of specific interest to me?
A. You can buy some specific modules if you do not want to pay for the entire course, though paying for the entire course is more cost effective, and beneficial in the long run
Q. How do I get access to the course?
A. Once you make payment, you will have automatic access to the course, and be able to take it once the course starts.
Q. Will I have access to the course after completion?
A. You will have access to the course for three months after you have completed it
Q. Will I have access to my tutor, Atilola Moronfolu?
A. You will be added to an exclusive forum, with other students, once the course starts, where you will have access to Atilola during “Class sessions”
Q. Can I download the course content?
A. You cannot download the video lessons, but you can download course materials, such as NAFDAC required documents, etc
Q. How long is the course, and what is the structure?
A. The full course is a 5-week intensive course, consisting of lectures, assignments and online class sessions
Q. I'm a busy person? Will I be able to dedicate 5 weeks to this course?
A. Beyond Formulation has been structured to accommodate both busy and less-busy people. Course lectures and assignments are released every week. You have one week to complete them, before the next week's lectures are released. So busy people can easily plan their schedule around it
Q. On what devices can I access the course?
A. You can access the course on your laptop, phone, tablet, and other electronic devices, as long as it is connected to the internet
Q. Can I be refunded after payment?
A. Unfortunately, refunds would not be offered after payment, as you will already have the login details
Q. How do I pay for the course?
A. You can pay for the course either directly on the site with your card, or by placing your order and choosing to pay using a customized invoice we will prepare for you. If you have any issues with the payment, send an email to



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