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March 31, 2023
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This is the ultimate template you need to create pricing values for your cosmetic products. It is a plug and play template, where you enter the price of your raw materials, business running costs, and it immediately gives you the minimum cost at which you must sell your products. It is a downloadable template, usable on all your devices, and comes with a training video.


  • You run any small scale manufacturing business, include cosmetics, food, etc
  • You want to know how profitable your business is
  • You want a feasibility study on running sales, discounts, and promotions in your business
  • You want to make maximum profit in your Cosmetic Business
  • You want to cut your journey to success in the cosmetic industry short by 90%

Start Date: Can be started at any time

Mode of delivery: Downloadable online. Laptop, tab or smartphone is needed to download this template

Access Timeline: Template is accessible for one week after purchase

Requirements: None


The Pricing Template helped plug the leakages, and pointed out all the loopholes in my business

The Pricing Template has completely changed the face of my business. It made me reevaluate my pricing again. I thought I was making money because I was seeing money come in and go out. I didn’t know that I was spending money unnecessarily on expensive raw materials. The Pricing Template helped plug the leakages because I could now see all the unneeded expenses. It pointed all the loopholes in my business out, and I was able to restructure everything. I now buy things in bulk, and this saves me a lot of money.   I was formerly considering importing packaging material but when I saw the price, I knew it was a bad decision when I worked it through my Pricing Template, especially with the unfavourable exchange rate. I now know how to budget for my packaging materials better.   Ellen Atulomah   CEO, Kinkynigeriancurls
AN Training School
The Pricing Template helped plug the leakages, and pointed out all the loopholes in my business
AN Training School
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